Friday, 10 April 2009

Getting started.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Share it Please
So then... I started this blog for two purposes. Partly because it's fun to show others what you're up to but mainly just to help motivating myself. Doing (hopefully) regular updates here will help me stay focused and motivated so I actually manage to finish what I've started. Hehe!

Well, my current project is painting miniatures for Full Thrust, a space fleet combat game. I just finished cleaning and putting together the two starter fleets. My first mission is to paint the two fleets presented in the Full Thrust Light booklet so I easily can show the game to others. The two fleets each consists of two frigates, two destroyers, two light cruisers, one heavy cruiser and one battlecruiser.

At first we have the United Nations Space Command. The reason I decided to get these guys is that they remind me a lot about the CEGA ships in Dream Pod 9's Jovian Chronicles universe (setting of another neat space battle game: Lightning Strike) so I've decided to go with a kind of olive drab paint scheme; think the Sulaco in Aliens.

Closest to the camera are two Mountain class light cruisers, behind them is a Point class battlecruiser, followed by two Lake class Destroyers and a River class heavy cruiser. Leading the group (well, kind of) are two Lawkeeper class patrol cutters.

Next up is Federal Stats Europa. They have a kind of Star Destroyeresque style ships so they'll be painted grey. "Boring!" I can hear you scream and yes, so it can seem but I'll try and liven it up with some different nuances of grey as well as breaking it up here and there with some more colourful splotches. I think it'll look just dandy!

Closest to the camera two Ardennes class light cruisers, behind them a Duquesne class battlecruiser followed by a Tourville class heavy cruiser. Leading it are two Thetis class destroyers and bringing up the rear are two Lemnos class frigates.

That's all for now but hopefully I'll have this blog updated again soon with some more colorful ships. Also, I'll try to take better pictures...

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