Monday, 5 March 2012

Pair of Gŭiláng Finished!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Share it Please

The Gŭiláng, or Ghost Wolf, is a model I use in nearly all of my games. It's Yu Jing's cheap camouflage infiltrator and while he's not as cheap or as well equipped as some other skirmishers he often gets the job done. The basic version for 25pts is a good deal I think, although his stats are fairly average he does comes with a Multispectral Visor 1 and Antipersonell Mines. Upgrading him to a Minelayer allows you to deploy one of the mines at the start of the game and is something I always try to squeeze in to save on time and orders later on. The Forward Observer variant is interesting as well and I will probably try it out once I have some guided missiles or grenade launchers ready to back him up.

So far I've only used the Combi Rifle Gŭiláng in my games so it's fun having a sniper available as well. It's a great looking model, however I'm not sure how effective it would be on the tabletop. With the Infiltration skill the Gŭiláng can usually get in optimal range with his Combi Rifle anyway, although... he won't outdistance his opponent with it. Hmm...

The colour scheme is similar to the rest of my Yu Jing of course. I considered doing some urban camo on the coat, but didn't like how it broke up the great billowing effect (yes, that's the entire point of camo but they need to look good as well. Hehe!). It was interesting seeing all the small differences between the old style sculpt (Combi Rifle) and the new (Sniper); basically it has become more refined with more realistic proportions. The old one still looks great though!

I came across these old photo backdrops that my buddy Micke printed out for me last year as well. Great stuff! Makes a huge change for my crappy little camera (or mobile phone in this case) both when it comes to showing the correct colour and focusing on the miniature itself.

I'm starting to get the hang of painting OSL. I've still only done simple stuff like the holo communicator on his arm and the eyes, but would like to try something a bit more adventurous.

It was fun painting the coats! They go from black to Cold Grey to Off-White. Might have to do some more detailing on the top/left side of the Combi Rifle. 

Next up I'm prepping all the unpainted Yu Jing I have (should be about a dozen) and start working through them. Not sure what it will be next. Perhaps the Zhanshi doc and engineer + Yáozăo... or a total reaction Remote... or the Hsien... or Sforza! I do feel like I have all the staple models painted now; the stuff I want to always have available. From now on it's more about specialists and niche troops.

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  1. fantastic as always, love both minis.

  2. Wow! These are great. Almost feel like I should repaint mine...The OSL is really good too.

    Is there a difference in scale? Seems like it. Some of the older Infinity stuff was designed on a heroic scale, while the current line is more true-scale. Interesting in that they seem to have been sculpted by different people.

    I've been playing with the sniper version for a while. I like him, he makes a lot of kills. Be careful to to get within the 12 inch threshold. He loses the +3 to hit and goes down to BS 11...womp womp.

  3. @Spacejacker - Thanks! I'd love to see your handiwork on some Infinity miniatures someday. Although I imagine you're rather busy with all the stuff Jon keeps sending you. Haha!

    @Tim - OSL is tricky but fun when you get it right. I think yours look great! Especially the eyes. For a long time I considered going with a black helmet on mine as well.

    Yes, I think it's the heroic scale thing that makes them stand apart. I'm really glad CB decided to go for more of a true scale in Infinity.

    Definitely looking forward to trying him out! I just keep thinking what other neat toys I can get for 1.5 SWC. Do you still use Infiltration when you deploy him or do you let him hang back to make the most out of his range?

  4. Woah these look fantastic. Great mini's and paintjob, really something to aspire to :)

  5. Thanks Snowy! It's something about the Infinity miniatures that makes me want to bring my A game (or try to anyway). I actually think I've learnt a lot about painting when painting Infinity. It might sound weird (a mini is a mini is a mini) but there you go. :)

  6. Very good work ! congratulation and thank you to share it !

  7. Nicely done, "excellent" seems to be the norm for you. The non-sniper figure is one of those gems out of all of the Infinity range I've had my eyes on for some time.

  8. @Odz - Sharing is the name of the game. It's rewarding on a lot of levels.

    @Mik - Aww, you're making me blush. That miniature is certainly one of the reasons I went with Yu Jing in the end. Great design and pose.

  9. What I do with him is hold in "reserve" and deploy him after the enemy has all set up. Then I set him down as a camo marker with a good line of fire. I typically don't deploy him with infiltration unless I have a good spot to put him. He's also really good at hunting down other skirmishers and camo markers with his MSVL1.

    1. That seems like the way to go with the sniper guilang. Will try him out in my next few games. :)


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