Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

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New trailer for Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines that's supposed to be a direct sequal to Cameron's film. It's been in development hell for a long time, but hopefully it's worth the wait... until spring 2012. I always keep my fingers crossed for anything USCM related.

Some more info over at Kotaku.

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  1. It's completely different developers this time around. Way back when it was Check Six, now it's Gearbox. Same premise, completely different game.

    I cannae wait!

  2. Ah, Check Six was it? I only remembered that Gearbox took over a year or two ago. I'm looking forward to the squad and teamwork elements!

    Speaking of games based on the Alien franchise, I was sad to see the RPG get canned.

  3. Yeah, it was unfortunate about the role-playing game biting it. I was pretty excited for it when I first had seen some of the concept work they'd done for different sub-races of xenomorph.

    I eagerly await the squad-based combat myself. That alone means this won't just be another mindless FPS-action game. The lack of traditional HUD also intrigues me. Having to actually whip out the motion tracker and look at its tiny screen? Thinga' beauty.

    Gearbox has been responsible for some pretty solid titles so I have high hopes for the turn-out of this game.

  4. Exactly! A different level of immersion! I've heard some people worrying about the Horde-like gameplay but I think it seems just in line with the movie. Hehe!

    As you say Gearbox is a competent developer, and that they decided to postpone it speak in their favour.


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