Sunday, 8 May 2011

LPL Sunday: Round 9! And round 8 recap

Sunday, May 08, 2011

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A Domaru Butai leading a Tiger Soldier and three Zhanshi.

A bit of a hot streak in the LPL currently (up until the current round anyway) with this entry giving me the third win in a row! Whee! The plan was to paint some of Micro Panzers 15mm warbots and their operators, but as they arrived just a day before the deadline I went with my newly painted Yu Jing instead. I've really been bitten bad by the Infinity bug and I can't stop painting the minis! It's just so much fun!

I had painted a Zhanshi and the Domaru and then finished the Tiger Soldier and two more Zhanshi on Friday evening, snapped some photos and put together the collage above. Overall I'm happy with them. I decided to go with a blue/grey/white theme for my Yu Jing instead of the traditional orange or yellow and I think it gives them a slightly more realistic but still fairly striking look. I'm quite happy with it!

I went up against Rosie's Garage by Bobbo, a very characterful entry showing Rosie and her robotic collegues. Bobbo used some really nice looking (and cute!) models and created a good composition, but my Yu Jing still managed to bring home the bacon with 182 votes against 147.

Some other great entries this round:

  • Children of Doom - Really nice barbarian warband! Both the painting and the sculpts from Red Box Games. Could definitely see these feature in John Milius' Conan movie. :)
  • Anjin-san + Pulp: Pharoah Ki-Oskh Cigar Afficionado Society - Samurai (and Richard Chamberlain!) vs Tintin?! Too hard a choice. The final vote really doesn't reflect how close these two are in quality. 
  • Brainiacs Army of Z's - Just love the bizarreness of this entry and its giant brain-tank!
  • Quar Car - Excellent models, excellently painted by Mancha. I really should get myself some quar some day.
  • Life on Mars - Yes, the photo could be a bit closer in, but I still really like the way it's compositioned now. Kind of quiet and desolate.
  • Rock Hard, Ride Free - Bit of nostalgia here with these old beaky marines, their bikes, their tank and their scratchbuilt Whirldind (I built the same one). Cool stuff Pil!

Since I didn't get to paint the warbot I'd enter them in round nine instead... or at least that was the plan. But as I mentioned, the Infinity bug has got med bad and I simply couldn't tear myself away from them! Or at least I didn't want to jinx the painting roll I was (am) on. So instead I decided to enter my recently painted Kuang Shi, their Celestial Guardian controller and a Dao Fei. Very stiff opposition this time around with a well painted Dr Who entry, but that's ok. A three round win streak is enough for me and even if I loose round 10 as well I will at least have won half of my matches. Hehe!

See my entry and all the other great stuff over at the Lead Adventure Forum. And don't forget to vote!

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