Wednesday, 25 May 2011

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Share it Please

There's been a lot of Infinity here at Fire Broadside lately, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten my 15mm guys (or any of my other projects for that matter)! I've been especially inspired by fellow blogger Peabody's recent 15mm GZG outings, and the ever interesting guys over at Gruntz. Peabody has a great looking force already and some FanVans are coming along nicely. At the Gruntz website there are loads of neat stuff to oogle over. Currently they're working on converting the new GZG crusty mecha (which I thought was a bit of a letdown) into something more like the movie.

Anyway, currently I'm considering my next purchases. I think I'll focus on my UNSC/Earth Sectorial Army for now and build my Reds later. I have a few squads of light and medium infantry, a MATV and three drone walkers. I think I would like to get some more vehicles (transportation and armour) as well as some squad support weapons.

In conjunction with GZG's store re-opening they released a few new UNSC infantry sets with exactly the stuff I want: command personnel, heavy weapons etc. The problem is that apart from the command squad all the figures are prone, and I don't really like that. It looks ok on larger bases with several figueres mounted on them a la Flames of War, but with singles it's hit and miss. If the base is too small it can look cramped, and if it's too big it simply looks silly. I mounted my prone SAW gunners on a 25mm base (I normally use 20mm for my 15mm stuff) and it was a tight fit, but I think anything larger and it wouldn't have have been too much empty space at the side of the body and wouldn't have looked good.

I'm thinking that I could probably get away with mounting some of the dedicated weapon teams two to a base. Like the HAMR with his spotter (although I guess that depends on the game system). A 40mm base might be about the right size, allowing me to add some terrain as well. Hmm... have to ponder this some more.

An alternative that was recently brought up over at Dropship Horizon is to use different kind of drones and remotes instead of SAW's and dedicated heavy weapon troopers. This is something I've been considering since earlier and I find it an attractive concept. Besides there being loads of neat little models that fit the bill, it also feels like a fairly realistic development of our armed forces.

Then there's the vehicles. I have a hard time deciding which way to go here. Originally I was thinking about going with the wheeled hi-mobility series from GZG (love both the Phalanx and the Paladin!). But then it occurred to me that they might be a better fit for the Mars rebels who have more of a hit and run-feel to them. Next up I was looking at grav vehicles (especially the Arc Fleet tanks from Critical Mass Games - see right) but although they look awseome they're a bit too hi-tech for my near-future Mars army (not for the UNSC though, so I might get some anyway). Then I considered simple tracked vehicles, but it feels kind of boring in a sci-fi setting. Not bad per se, but not very imaginative. I haven't ruled it out though.

Finally I've been considering air-cushioned (hover) vehicles in the style of Hammer's Slammers. I quite like the idea and it feels kind of hi-tech and retro at the same time which I think would fit my little spacemen just fine. While there are some official Hammer's Slammers models made by Old Crow, they don't really do it for me. I think I want some more detailing - they're simply too smooth (too retro?!) but I might get one or two anyway to check them out in the "flesh". Again my eyes are drawn to GZG and their hover vehicle range. I especially like the Gauntlet APC and the Rommel gun-tank.

So while it might seem that I've set my mind on hover vehicles, I'd love to hear from the blogosphere about any other neat ideas out there that I've overlooked! Hit me!

Oh, and I almost forgot! I'm definitely getting some air cav! The Mantis and the FanVan are pretty much already in my shopping basket, but again, I'd love to hear about other alternatives.

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  1. Great post - again! It's always good to get your thinking, and an overview of a subject. With what's going on in re GW at the moment, 15mm could well get more popular, and this kind of post might well help entice more players in.

  2. Thanks Porky! I've always enjoyed both reading and writing thought streams like this. Often it's good to just get it out on "paper" to get a better overview, and when you post it in a public forum like this more often than not you get cool input from other users. Good stuff!

    As for the while GW thing... yeah, I've read numerous blog posts these past couple of weeks about how it's time to look around for alternative game systems. I actually have a post cooking about how to go from 40k to Infinity. Maybe something similar for 15mm wouldn't be out of place...

  3. Martin, thanks for the shout-out.
    As soon as I get back from Newfoundland I'll post up the finished FanVans!
    I had too much to do before leaving town... At least I can follow you via my iPod :)
    Keep up the awesome variety; looking forward to learning more 'bout Infinity.

  4. Looking forwart to seeing them, Peabody!

    Variety being the spice of life and all that I'll try not to get stale. Hehe! I think we'll see 15mm and Infinity stuff co-existing peacefully here in the coming months. Although I'd like to get back into some roleplaying as well...


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