Thursday, 24 December 2009

Jaguar WIP 2

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Share it Please
Made a bit more progress today and since it seems like people are enjoying it I'll keep updating the work in progress pictures. The Jaguar should be all finished next time you see pictures of it though. I've got a Christmas party to prepare for tomorrow, making meatballs and whatnot, but I think I'll be able to squeeze in some painting time as well.

Here are the pictures:

Like I said earlier I wanted a tan/grey combo and I think it works fairly well, giving the gear a kind of earthy, almost dirty look. The lighting in this picture is a bit off though.

In this picture you can see the real colour much better. I decided to go with the classic blue optics as it contrasts well agains the tan.

"Where's my gun?!"

So that's where I am at the moment. I'll hopefully be able to finish this guy up tomorrow and the rest of the recon squad is built and just waiting for a lick of paint! However, there seems to be an interest in the magnetizing process so I'll make a post about that before I start painting the rest.

Oh, and I went and saw Avatar yesterday with my wife and I think I'll want to write something about that as well. As a story it's rather ho-hum. Not a bad story at all, it just follows the path of cliches too strictly and there are some scenes that really make you cringe in their stereotypicality. BUT, visually it's spectacular! And the 3D, while not flawless, works! I'll expand on my thoughts about it in a later post. Now I'll just have some ginger snaps with milk and watch Parks & Recreation before sidling off to bed.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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