Monday, 13 April 2009

FSE fleet ready to move out.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Share it Please
I just finished the heavy cruiser and battlecruiser so the FSE starter fleet is all done! Or at least enough to match the Full Thrust Light fleets. Of course, some touching up and a bit more blacklining wouldn't hurt but I'll get back to that later (probably never).

The Tourville heavy cruiser:

And the Duquesne battlecruiser:

And a couple of shots of the finished fleet:

I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out. Especially considering that I haven't painted anything for years. It'll be nice to get started on the UNSC though, and get to use something other than grey...

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  1. Wow I wish I could paint my FSE fleet half as good as you painted this... to bad I cant paint for crap :(

  2. Thanks Shawn!

    I think you should give it a go though. No matter what you do it'll still look better than the bare metal. Also, I imagine these FSE ships respond well to drybrushing which is a relatively simple technique that still gives you good results. :)

  3. thanks for the reply! I am trying to base coat my FSE fleet right now and either the paint is too thin and collects in the corners or is too thick and hides the detail. its Frustraiting never the less. any tips for a novice painter?

  4. Basecoating you say. You have spray undercoated the models first right? If not that's where you need to start. I usually use a black undercoat, but some people use white.

    Generally thin is better than thick but if it runs too much you've probably added a bbit too much water. It shouldn't be thin enough to run like you describe.

    Also, try using some kind of palette. Don't take paint straight from the pot. A wet palette is highly recommended and it's easy to make your own.

    Hmm... let me know if you have more questions. Good luck!

  5. Hi, love the colour scheme. What colours did you use please?


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