Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Status Report

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Eek! The new releases for Infinity are already revealed and I haven't written anything since the last news post. Better put something together so it looks better... kind of. Well, still being a bit busy and not being very good at blogging. However, I'm doing whatever hobby related things I have time for and I thought I'd tell you about what I have been doing and what I'm planning on doing.

Let's look at some painting first! You might remember I finished up the undead for Myth and I've since started on the Rathi (humanoid rats). I've also painted four heroes, most of the traps and the miniboss Conner. Here are some quick cellphone pics.

The Apprentice (mage), Acolyte (priest) and Soldier (warrior). They look a little glossy at the moment as I didn't shake the bottle enough, but that will be taken care of.
The Brigand (rogue). Actually a Rathi that broke from the oppressive rule of the Rat King and is now trying to
free his people from the Darkness. Very cool character!
Three of us in the middle of the No Rest for the Weary story quest. Sorry about the unpainted masses. :(

We've enjoyed playing Myth, although we're usually surprised at how long each session takes. Of course, it's very easy to trim it down to maneagable chunks but still. Something about the card driven combat makes for a lot of planning and thinking during play. Sure it will get faster with time though!

I've played a couple of games of Troyes which is a really neat board game where you take the roles of the powerful families of the city of Troyes during the middle ages. You need to protect the city at the same time as you try to bolster your own prestige and victory points while also constructing the great cathedral. It's a mix of worker placement and dice manipulation where the dice acts as your workers (higher being better). Very clever design and surprisingly thematic as well! Highly recommended!

After a much too long break I finally got to play a game of X-Wing again! It's been more than a year since last time and I really enjoyed taking my B-Wings out for a spin. My regular opponent Anders had brought an interesting list consisting of only two ships which... didn't fare well against the many cannons of the Bs. Was fun to get back into it and I really need to magnetize the rest of my Bs.

Speaking of getting to play old favourites, on Anders' birthday he wanted to play Chaos in the Old World with the Horned Rat expansion so I brought my painted set and proceeded to thrash my opponents soundly as father Nurgle! We also played Shogun (actually the first complete game for me) which was fun although I didn't do very well as I failed to focus on building upgrades.

During this my group has also started to plan for a... Necromunda campaign! I kind of go interested in it when I read the Inquisimunda rules and then when I found more fun stuff over at Yaktribe. It won't be overly large and we only have four or five players but I think we'll have fun with it! Not taking it very seriously and playing for the story rather than to win. We're organizing terrain and a homepage for the campaign as well as making miniature inventory and seeing which underhive denizens we might like to buy for the campaign (spiders!). It seems like we'll have some Van Saar, Orlocks, Delaque, Escher and my own Genestealer Cult to battle it out but this might change before we start. Might even decide to run two gangs each or something.

The Genestealer Cult is something I've always wanted to do and I managed to get hold of some old Magus and Hybrids models years back and finally decided to go all in when I came across the Malignancy from Macrocosm which are... perfect! To say the least. The problem with making the Cult before was getting some hybrid-ish looking models that weren't too monstrous or too mundane. Macrocosm strikes the right balance and I now have a bunch of brood brothers and later generation hybrids to use for my cult! Also, for you old school Squat lovers out there - have a look at their Digger Corps! I got the minis this past week and they're very nice. As soon as I get some bases from Fenris I'll be taking a break from Myth to get these guys painted.

So... that's been happening! What I'm looking forward to is getting my hands on the bunch of Dropzone Commander stuff I've got waiting for me at my FLGS. My friend Other Martin decided to get a core box of his own and will paint the UCM so I've taken it upon myself to become the grand commander of the Scourge forces. Looking forward to play with my giant murder crab!

I've also come to the conclusion that I need Star Wars: Imperial Assault in my collection so expect that in a future update. I also went from completely uniterested to very much would like to have when it comes to FFG's new 40k board game Forbidden Stars. I think it's mostly about the nostalgia about being able to use those epic and Battlefleet Gothic units I know so well again in a game. And perhaps also to simply be a part of the 40k setting in a way that I'm simply not anymore. I have no desire to play 40k and although I'm in many ways very very tired of the grimdark it also has a very special place in my heart.

Finally I just want to tell anyone who, for some insane reason, still hasn't seen Mad Max: Fury Road to go and do so. Now. Forget The Avengers or Jurassic World (even with Chris Pratt) or any other sci fi film to be released later this year - this is it. This is the best most visually stunning piece of art you'll see in 2015! It really has no right being this amazing, but it is. Go now!

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  1. Good to see you back again, still waiting on your Infinity releases roundup :)

    Macrocosm is a good catch, added them to my bookmarks because I like the look of their stuff. I cannot imagine at the moment doing my own genestealer cult as I'm not a 40K head any longer but there is something very appealing about the idea.

    1. My thoughts on the June Infinity releases should be up within a couple of days. After the lacklustre May releases I think we're back on track. :)

      Yeah, I left GW behind more than ten years ago, but I still like some of their fluff (mostly the older stuff) and having those old minis knocking about just begging to be painted made me jump in with both feet.

  2. Wow that is an awesome variety of games! Three That's nasty!

    Did you see the new bomber ships in wave 6 drop ion bombs? (or wave 7, I can't remember).

    1. Three B-wings and an X made for some really deadly focus fire. I think I had the shuttle down in one round of shooting and the Decimator in two. Hehe!

      Yeah, I skipped the E-wing (although I'm sure I'll pick it up at some point) but am really looking forward to the K-wing! It'll be nice to have a dedicated bomber and that SLAM maneuver looks cool.


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