Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Joining the Dark Side

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Share it Please

M: "I'll never join you!"
FB: "It is your destiny."
M: "Well, ok then. Hand me that cookie, will you?"

That's kind of how the conversation went in my head as I pondered whether to make a Facebook page for Fire Broadside or not. I've long been a staunch resistance fighter in the battle of the social networks and I actually prefer Google+ over Facebook for many reasons. However, it is just a simple fact that there are so many more users on Facebook and if I were to make a serious attempt to create a forum for off-the-cuff news and discussion Facebook simply seem to be a better facilitator.

So, while you still can find me on G+ where I regularly share stuff and participate in discussions I've also decided to create a Fire Broadside Facebook page. I will use it for all the stuff that I find interesting enough to share or talk about but that perhaps isn't right for the blog. Feel free to pop buy and like the page and let's go from there. This might all crash and burn with the page ending up with a couple of dozen likes, a bunch of shares from me and no discussion whatsoever. In that case I'll simply call it a day and shut it down, being one experience richer. But hopefully it will help to bring some interactivity to Fire Broadside besides the comment section that, while functional, is also a bit restrictive.

In this spirit of interactivity, I'd love to hear from you my dear reader! What would you like to see more of, or less of on Fire Broadside? While I'll always continue to write about what I'm interested in I'm also curious to hear what you feel would make this place better and hit counters and statistics can only tell me so much. I imagine the answers might be varied as Fire Broadside isn't very focused when it comes to gaming and I pretty much embrace it all. Hehe! Still, it would be fun to hear and if you don't feel like commenting here or on Facebook you can always send me an email via the Contact button up top right. And I'm of course also on Twitter as @FireBroadside.

Not really an exciting gaming post. Sorry about that. We'll get back to the regular schedule shortly. You've seen the January releases for Infinity, right... ? :)

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