Friday, 10 October 2014

September Releases for Infinity!

Friday, October 10, 2014

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Alright, Operation: Icestorm is out and we're not back to the regular release schedule. It looks like there was some kind of slip up at CB HQ last month though as both Yojimbo and the Kotail Mobile Unit were either pushed back to September or never meant to be released in August in the first place. Whatever the case I'll simply copy and paste what I wrote about them then, for completeness.

If you wonder why I haven't really covered all the cool Infinity news coming out of different seminars and cons it's simply because of the new father duties. :)

Anyway, what do we have...

The Morats certainly are on a roll these days and the latest addition to their ranks is the imposing Karnak Gazarot. This guy is a Superior Warrior-Officer and certainly look the part with the commanding pose. I really like the Mk12 he's carrying and the albino face looks better than the red in my opinion. It's a solid looking mini but doesn't really do anything special for me. He's quite nice in game though with Strategos L1, NWI and a light flamethrower to go with the Mk12. Oh and he's linkable as well. Hehe!

Here comes the obligatory follow up to what you get in O:I - a box of PanO special weapon Fusiliers. The new ones are such a great step up from the old models that it's not even funny so it's good to have CB follow up with this set as quickly as they did. These are simply great and although I try to pick out a favourite I have a really hard time as they all look good! From a different angle the two women might look a bit too similar in their pose (maybe) but even so I think they've done a great job of diversifying two bodies into four models. Better than the Ghulam infantry we got a couple of months ago for sure. The only slightly odd thing might be the HMG that looks really small, similar to the new Yu Jing HMG. While I don't have a problem with it from a realism standpoint or anything (they really should be called light machine guns anyway), it does make it a little harder to pick them out on the table. Still... that's really nitpicking. Love this box! Missile launcher redesign looks awesome! Really can't wait for a similar update to my Zhanshi. :D

Here's a new troop type for ALEPH - the Dactyls! We saw some concept art for this back in April and the sculpt does not disappoint. You can immediately see that she's part of the Steel Phalanx and she fits the bill of lightly armoured support very well. Great pose and a face with lots of character. Someone on the forums mentioned that it's good to have a female figure with some abs, and I couldn't agree more - she looks like she means business! She also has quite an impressive stat line as the Steel Phalanx engineer or doctor she comes equipped with combirifle, either ADHL or Flammenspear plus two breaker pistols and D-charges. All for a measly 23~24 points. Yes please! Will have to procure when I get my Steel Phalanx painting going.

And now for the previously "spoiled" releases.

First up is Yojimbo! Look at him! Just look!! It's Toshirō Mifune on a motorbike!! This is a model I've been looking forward to for a long time. We already have Miyamoto Musashi (that's an homage to another great Japanese folk hero who have also been played by Mifune on film) but Yojimbo on a bike is even cooler. The mounted model and the bike itself looks great. Love the pose and the gear stowed on the back. The standing pose,
which is a bonus in a way as it wasn't going to be included originally, is not quite as impressive as there's something that looks a little off to me. However, this is nitpicking and overall this is just a great looking box that I'm going to have to get my hands on! Also, you can never go wrong with Krazy Koalas.

Then we have the Tohaa Kotail who looks really cool, but simply can't measure up to Yojimbo. Tough luck, pal! This is a new symbiont armoured, twin combirifle wielding, 6-4 moving, holo-projectoring and superjumping troop type for N3. Sounds reeeeeally scary if you ask me! The model also looks badass enough to live up to that nasty sounding profile, I have to say. The mask is pretty sweet looking and the gunzerker style pose fits very well. Nice addition to the Tohaa lineup.

That's not all though as this month also sees the release of the cardstock terrain from Operation: Icestorm - the Moto.Tronica Scenery pack. I've talked about this scenery before but basically, I think it looks great. Very well designed, solid blocking terrain that is easy to put together and dirt cheap to boot (10.25€ RRP!). Get two of these sets and you can go from no terrain to a full Infinity table in 30 minutes. I will likely get a couple just to have on hand for quick games, even though I have some mdf and plastic terrain lying around.

And that's it for this month! Of course, Yojimbo is still my favourite but since he got last month I'm going with the Fusiliers. Hehe!

Oh, and I'm sure you are aware that you can pre-order the new Infinity 3rd edition rulebook on Monday October 13th! If you pre-order before November 13th you'll get the special edition heavy Authorized Bounty Hunter. The book has also been split in two with one book for rules and one for background and setting. They're both softback which is a bit of a shame, but at least come in a nice slip cover. I still haven't invested in Operation: Icestorm and am going back and forth debating wheather I really want to start Nomads (yes) or PanO (not really), but the new rulebook is, of course, a must have!

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