Tuesday, 26 August 2014

August Releases for Infinity!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Infinity August releases. A bit wider than usual...

So this month sees the relase of Operation: Icestorm and the Infinity frenzy is reaching a new high! Well, it's technically released this month but I don't expect it in stores until early/mid September. Anyway, exciting times indeed! However, this is not all as we have a couple of other releases as well. CB is counting the two new starter sets (Nomads and PanO) as well as the two limited edition minis in Operation: Icestorm as separate releases as far as six a moth is concerned so that leaves to spots so this will be a short post. Now, let's have a look at...

...the Mercenary Yojimbo! Look at him! Just look!! It's Toshirō Mifune on a motorbike!! This is a model I've been looking forward to for a long time. We already have Miyamoto Musashi (that's an homage to another great Japanese folk hero who have also been played by Mifune on film) but Yojimbo on a bike is even cooler. The mounted model and the bike itself looks great. Love the pose and the gear stowed on the back. The standing pose, which is a bonus in a way as it wasn't going to be included originally, is not quite as impressive as there's something that looks a little off to me. However, this is nitpicking and overall this is just a great looking box that I'm going to have to get my hands on! Also, you can never go wrong with Krazy Koalas.

The "second" release is the Tohaa Kotail who looks really cool, but simply can't measure up to Yojimbo. Tough luck, pal! This is a new symbiont armoured, twin combirifle wielding, 6-4 moving, holo-projectoring and superjumping troop type for N3. Sounds reeeeeally scary if you ask me! The model also looks badass enough to live up to that nasty sounding profile, I have to say. The mask is pretty sweet looking and the gunzerker style pose fits very well. Nice addition to the Tohaa lineup.

And then there are these guys and gals of course! But since I talked about them last month I'll simply leave this nice group photo here and move along. Just remember that the Reverend Custodier and the Father Knight are exclusive to the Icestorm box and won't be in the respective starter sets.

So yeah... good month! Although my individual favourite model is the bike riding Yojimbo my by far favourite release is the Operation: Icestorm box. The Nomads in particular are making my knees wobbly! :D

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