Friday, 11 July 2014

Federation Fleet to the Rescue!

Friday, July 11, 2014

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Federation fleet mustering for... sensor scanning!
I think I mentioned something about this in my last post. In preparation for a three player game of Star Trek Fleet Captains I decided to start painting the different factions! In the end one of the players couldn't make it and me and my buddy decided to play something else so I only finished the Federation ships so far.

This was an extremely quick job and I finished all 12 ships in an evening. Spray white, wash with black and then pick out some details was my initial plan. I wanted to avoid any drybrushing, which is usually good for quick jobs, since the Federation ships are so smooth and futuristic. Unfortunately I was a bit too heavy handed with the wash and a few of the ships needed some extra colour to lighten them back up again. Still, for the most part they look good anyway.

Some red and blue for the engines and done! Quick, easy and looks a lot better than bare plastics. I think I might do the Klingons and Romulans in one go as they're both green - I'll simply use the same spray and then different washes (brown for Klingons, green for Romulans probably).

Although these have clix bases and are meant for the board game I guess they could be used for any space based combat game if I ever find myself eager to model som Trek battles. Although, seeing as I just found my Lightning Strike paper cutout figures I think it's more likely I'll give that a try instead.

I think these sheets of cutouts were part of the first edition of Lightning Strike. Or was it the demo game?
Anyway, should be good for getting some games in!
As some of you might remember I got myself quite a decent number of Jovian Chronicles ships during the sale preceeding the retirement of the line by DP9 (although at times it's taken out of retirement, briefly). I have a few EXO armours as well but not really enough to do a game of Lightning Strike justice I think. However, these cutouts should make for good looking stand-ins as fighter and EXO markers among the proper metal and resin ships below!

My haul from early last year when DP9 put the line to sleep. :'(
Wow, this post was supposed to be all Trek but I still managed to get some JC in there!

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