Monday, 18 November 2013

Quick TAG work in progress

Monday, November 18, 2013

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Gūijiă TAG for Infinity
Gūijiă TAG for the Yu Jing faction.
Last month I felt it was finally time to get working on my Gūijiă TAG. It had been lying in its box since I got it back in 2011 and I felt a little bad for that. The Gūijiă is an older Infinity model and one of the oldest TAGs around. When I first saw it I wasn't really sold, even with the close resemblance to Shirow Masamune's landmates. But as I started seeing it from new angles and, especially, seeing it with different paintjobs than the official one I started to soften.

While some of the old models show their age, many of them still hold up very well. Just take the old (right side) Gŭiláng I painted last year - it's an awesome model!

Gŭiláng for Infinity
Gŭiláng - Ghost Wolves.
And so is the Gūijiă. However, the official paintjob is bad and only serves into making it into an orange blob. After seeing some very different looks for the TAG I decided it was time to try my hand at it.

The idea is to go with a blue/grey/white theme that I hve running through most of my Yu Jing models but combine it with a kind of police/SWAT look to bring out the badass landmate feel of the Gūijiă. I was actually considering replacing the head with something more Guges as that would fit sooo well, but in the end decided against it. Another idea I had was to replace the barrel assembly of the Multi HMG with a brass 1/35 minigun kit from RB Models. Unfortunately it was a bit too delicate to go well with the look of the rest of the model. I might try assembling to try it out anyway, but as it looks now we have a stock Gūijiă to look forward to.

And here is where it's at right now:

Gūijiă painting WIP for Infinity
Gūijiă TAG work in progress.
As you can see it's sans head at the moment, don't mind that. The base is also just quickly block painted to get get away from the black undercoat and get a better look at the overall colour of the miniature. I'm quite happy with the colour scheme, but I think the dark blue-grey need to come up a little bit in terms of lightness to make the model pop more. On the other hand it is often the final details that tie everything together, so perhaps a darker base colour like this is the right way to do it.

While in Japan I bought a sheet of Gundam decals that I'm planning to use on my Yu Jing TAGs and remotes as well as perhaps some 15mm stuff further down the line. It's a pretty good mix of warning texts and more general symbols that should work well. A few of those on this guy will also help to make it unique.

I'm glad I got started on this as I want a similar colour theme to run through all the TAGs and remotes and now that I have it nailed down it should be easier to continue with the two baggage remotes I magnetized earlier:

Magnetized Pangguling remote for Infinity.
Magnetized Pangguling remote for Infinity.

4 kommentarer :

  1. Those are going to be sweet. Cant wait to see more paint on them!

    1. If everything goes according to plan the TAG at least should be done by the weekend. :)

  2. Very cool. I'm a big believer in a coherent army-wide paint scheme...something that Infinity sometimes fail to live up to. I'm wondering about conversion possibilities for the HMG. I've seen a conversion on the Infinity forums that has the Gūijiă holding the HMG in both hands, and I love the pose. How difficult would that be to achieve, do you think?

    1. That's normally the way I prefer to do things as well, although I do think Infinity is one of the few games that can get away with a mix of different colours in the force. Depending on faction.

      There are certainly some variation within my Yu Jing army, but I've tried to have a few colours that re-appear. The TAG(s) and remotes will be a little different from the rest though.

      That is a conversion I considered doing myself actually! Really love the mecha designs for Infinity, but many of them have weird looking poses. Not a single one holding its weapon in two hands for example. I don't think it would be too hard actually, but you'd need to cut the arms up at the joints, pin and then greenstuff the joints together again. A bit work intensive, but not all that difficult.


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