Thursday, 21 March 2013

March Releases for Infinity!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Well then!,I was expecting the new releases to be revealed tomorrow... but here we are on a Thursday. Lucky! Let's have a look...

First off we have a new character model for ALEPH; Penthesilea! I'm a great fan of the Yu Jing Aragoto bikes so I'm glad to see more more motorcycles in the game. Especially I like that the bike is fairly similar to the Yu Jing version, except with a bit more of a Tron feel to it. Of course, an ALEPH bike don't have a dashboard as the rider probably can control it remotely anyway. Great looking bike and great looking rider! Kind of Asura looking but with a bit more humanity injected in her features. Her face reminds me of some actress whose name escapes me... someone with a similar haircut. Stupid brain! In game she's kind of like a more badass version of an Aragoto: ODD and i-Khol L2 means she'll be very hard to hit and if you does get hit she has No Wound Incapacitation. A combirifle, a contender (for those nasty ARO shots!) and a Nanopulser makes her a formidable opponent, well worth her 46 points I think.

From high tech lightcycles to machinegun toting scotsman! Yepp, the Caledonian Volunteers finally have their HMG operator! A solid sculpt but not very spectacular, basically it does the job. Line infantry like this guy usually have a more modest look so this is not surprising. A HMG is a HMG so can be dangerous in anyones hands, but to get the most out of this model you'd most likely want to put him in a link team. On the other hand he's cheap both in points and SWC so you could several of them!

The Shasvaastii have always appealed to me and this guy has become one of my new favourites! The Caliban looks like a regular Shasvaastii crossed with a Gremlin! Actually... he looks like an overgrown Gremlin, full stop. Haha! I like the armour he's wearing and that he's just gutted a poor Karakuri (I guess the Caliban survived the Explosion!). The more greeblie look, compared to regular Shasvaastii, suits the model well and I hope we'll see more like this. The Feuerback this model brings provides the Combined Army with some heavy firepower - only two shots but armour piercing and double action really makes them hit hard! He comes with an automedikit as well which might allow him to stay in the game even after having gone unconscious. A little odd that they went with the Feuerbach as the first released weapon option as I think most players will want his Engineer version... unless there's a four model box in the pipeline of course.

Another support box, this time for Pan Oceania. Nothing really exciting in here as we've seen all the models before, but a good box to get for PanO players (especially if you want to play the Paradiso campaign). I see a lot of people ragging on both the Machinist and the Trauma-Doc, but I quite like both of them myself.

Finally we get some Nomad love! A whole box of space-nuns! The old Reverend Moiras sculpts have been almost  infamous for their cheesecake factor (besides simply showing their age) so having them updated comes as no surprise. And what a nice update! I think CB has managed to retain the sexy vibe, but moving away from the cheesecake. Actually I think if you painted the skin areas in a different colour you could remove the combat swimsuit issue entirely. The poses are good, although I can certainly understand people who find them a bit static. What I'm most interest in are the weapons! They all look substantially different from the regular Nomad guns and I think they look better overall. It's weird that other new Nomad miniatures like the Riot Grrls and the recent Moderator sniper all use the old weapon designs (although re-scaled). This makes me wonder if this is what Nomad guns will actually look like from now on (yay!) or if they are simply Observance special issue (booh!). Only time will tell I suppose.

Although there is nothing new for the StateEmpire this month I'm a happy Mayanaut. The New Moiras look great, I really like the space gremlin and there's another biker to skid around the battlefield! I think Penthesilea is my favourite release this month, although the Moiras aren't far behind... :)

3 kommentarer :

  1. Sigh.
    I just hit up the WarStore for an Aswuang, a Charontid, a Vector Operator w/HMG, a Noctifier w/Spitfire, and I pre-ordered Ko Dali...oh, and Templates. I bought Templates.
    That cart had been building up, and I finally got the money in the bank to hit 'place order.'

    (I also bought 3 models for my Haqq, but I never touch them. My buddy plays them. I can't even pronounce their names, but they look cool...and my Sneaky Sneaky Shas love shooting them)

    I'm totally broke now. This is not a good month for CB to finally release the Caliban.
    ...I've already started a new cart....
    I really need that Gwailo Fireteam with Sheskin....but, wait...I can link Calibans, too...
    Oh gawd...Decisions, decisions...
    I can only go so many days without lunch, Corvus Belli!

  2. Oh, and regarding the new Reverend Morias...
    No rear view in the preview?
    I am disappoint.

  3. Hahaha! Ah, SinSynn... I love how you've really jumped in with both feet. :D

    The lovely Shaasvastii are tempting me as well. Going all sneaky like seems fun, but a Gwailo link team and a Sphinx would be awesome as well (although the Sphinx can be plenty sneky too)!

    As for rear views... plenty over at Giraldez blog: :P


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