Thursday, 5 July 2012

Painting Plans!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

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With the preview of the new Yu Jing remotes over at Beasts of War and Angel Giráldez' blog I thought it might be wise to plan ahead what to paint. I was thinking mainly of Infinity, but naturally other games will pop up as well. Let's have a look at what we've got ahead of us!

First off, I've actually finished the Yu Jing doctor and engineer. They haven't been featured on the blog yet  because I want to finish their two servant bots as well first, but you should see them on Saturday or Sunday for sure. I wanted to get these out of the way mainly because they're good models to have available to your force, but also since the upcoming campaign/scenario book (damnit CB! Give us a title already!) seems to have scenarios where they are needed.

Same goes for the baggage remotes that were released a few months ago, the Pangguling. I'm all kinds of excited about playing proper scenarios in Infinity so really want to prepare for them! Also, remotes in general is someting very unique to Infinity and I simply want to bring some into my gaming force. I started on a Yáokòng last year, but it's been pushed to the back of the line by some of the new releases.

I usually get tired of painting large(ish) models like the remotes so after that I think some regular infantry is needed. The Kuang Shi are definitely the unsung heroes of my Yu Jing force as they're cheap enough to throw away recklessly but also have enough tricks up their sleeves to play havok with my opponent. So naturally I would like to try the Shaolin monks as well. They're similar but have different abilities like smoke grenades and martial arts training. I've held off because I wasn't too fond of the sculpts but with the new box released things have certainly changed! For starters I'll probably just do two of them as I don't think I'd be comfortable with more two Irregular models in my force. The chainrifle and one of the staff wielders are likely candidates.

Ok, I've got some specialists, some remotes and some smoke tossing skirmishers... what would work well with that? Well, a Hsien with a Heavy Machine Gun of course! The two Hsien models were among the first I got for Infinity since I both liked the look of them and they seemed brutal in game as well, but I still haven't played played with or painted one. This needs to change! I know just what they're going to look like and everything. Having a model with Multispectral Visor and a HMG coupled with models capable of laying down smoke is a nasty combination that I thought would be fun to try.

Finally I want to get some fightier remotes on the table and the new Rui Shi and Lù Duan (up top!) fit the bill perfectly! While they are just as big as the baggage remotes (meaning harder to hide) they look really cool and I simply want to have them scamper across the table confusing enemies with holo-echoes and gunning down camouflage troops thanks to their Multispectral Visor! Hmm... with all these new remotes I should get another hacker or two painted, for variety's sake if nothing else.

So that's my Infinity sorted for a while I think. I really want to get my Guija painted as well, but I won't try to squeeze it into the schedule quite yet. Now, what else do we have that I'm eager to get started on? To be honest there's simply way too much! But trying to focus on the games I play mostly at the moment there's Dust Warfare and Judge Dredd.

The infantry in Dust Warfare lends themselves well to fairly basic painting techniques and I hope I can get an entire squad done in one sitting. Not quite sure about what kind of colour scheme and camouflage I'd like to go with yet. Likely someting similar to the studio paint jobs, but with some variations. I'll probably start with the Fakyeli close combat squad as I really like the look of them. Next up will be the Medvedi command squad and after that I would really like to try my hand on either a walker or a helicopter. However, for that I would need to use one of my friends airbrushes for the first couple of steps. We'll see how it turns out.

I must admit that I'm more focused on painting Infinity at the moment, partly because my friend has finally started working on his Acontecimento force but I think mainly because the Zverograd campaign book still isn't available. It's currently listed as "On the Boat" at FFG's site so hopefully it'll be here in time for Gencon and I imagine my motivation level will rise considerably when that happens. Then again, we might (please, CB!) see the Infinity campaing book then as well. Hmm...

Finally we have the Ape gang for the Judge Dredd skirmish game. I love these models! Perhaps not as technically accomplished as the stuff CB puts out, but competent enough and, more importantly, they are full of character! I think they can be a good middle-ground between painting Infinity and painting Dust Warfare. Being able to take a break from the serious business and get cracking on some monkey business seems like great fun!

First off will be this little fellow, since it's a basic "trooper" and since the scratching my head pose is simply awesome! I've been listening to old episodes of The Ricky Gervais Show lately so monkeys keep popping into my head all the time, this might be a nice outlet for it...

So, that's my plan right now anyway. I'm sure it'll change as we go along, but I will at least try to stick to it. Especially the Infinity bit. You guys have a general idea of what might turn up here in the next few months or so. Actually my vacation starts on Monday so I'll likely have more time for painting and stuff for a couple of weeks at least. Hopefully this will result in some more models getting finished.

Anway, expect some specialists in a couple of days.

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