Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July Releases for Infinity!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Well, sometimes Christmas comes early! It feels like just yesterday that I put together June's releases like this. Guess summer vacaction combined with an early reveal from Corvus Belli combines to twist time into some hyperdimensional twizzller! Anyway, this months is interesting since there are only four releases instead of the usual five and one cryptic teaser. Let's have a look!

First out we have a resculpt of McMurrogh Mercenary Dog-Warrior! While he would probably not be very high on my own list of models needing resculpts it's always nice to see Corvus Belli update their older products. And quite an update it is! The old McMurrogh looks quite cartoony with his gigantic sword and he certainly looks more like a dog than a the more modern werewolf style of the later sculpts. In the old pack you got him in his dogface form as well though, something that has changed with the new release. Will we see a change of his unit entry as well, or will dogface McMurrogh be released separately? We'll just have to wait and see. Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of the dog-warriors of Infinity but I have to admit that this is a really cool model! I love the sense of scale you get from the chainrifle being used as a pistol, and the sword looks much more sensible and usable this time around. In game he's quite a beast (ha!) with martial arts, three wounds and total immunity. Add high movement, super-jump and impetuous to that and you have something that can close in on the enemy very fast and do a lot of damage when there! Being Irregular is a drawback, but seeing as he's a likely candidate for the "Rambo tactic" I don't see it as being much of a problem.

What better way to stop a rampaging dog-warrior than a melee monster of your own? Well, monster is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but the Knight of the Holy Sepulchre is certainly no slouch with a sword! He looks kind of like a mix between the HMG Aquila Guard and an Order Sergeant, but tougher than both. Besides that big nasty (explosive) sword he comes with a Spitfire as well. I really like the pose as it looks like he's challenging his next victim. Just like the Aquila Guard though, there's something about the flowing coat/robe that I don't quite like. It's certainly not as bad as the Guard (which is one the Infinity minis I like the least) but the way it flows doesn't look entirely right to me. It's a nitpick though and overall I'm impressed! I think my buddy might reconsider playing Acontecimento after seeing this guy! It's a solid model to have in your army with high stats (14 in BS, PH and WIP? Yes please!) with some neat tricks up his sleeve like martial arts and Holoprojector L2. Being Religious also helps keeping your army on the table and is always a welcome skill. I think a lot of PanO players is happy to see the Knight of the Holy Sepulchre.

Alright, let's calm down a bit and go with some cold robotic logic instead of bloodthirsty sword swingers! Yu Jing get their final pair of remotes with the Yáoxiè Rui Shi and Lù Duan Remotes! While the baggage remotes were a welcome sight I think most Yu Jing players were hoping to see these little fellows first. They look quite similar though and stands quite a bit apart from the original Yáokòng remotes. While I like this larger, more menacing looking style I wouldn't have minded some more callbacks to their remote ancestors as I quite like the Yákòng design. They do look very cool though, again quite beetle like and heavily armed. These newer series of remotes come with neat tricks like Multispectral Visor L2 and Holoprojector L2 and combined with heavy firepower like Spitifre, Mk21 and heavy flamethrower I think you can have all kinds of fun with them! They're still remotes though so lack any armour at all and they can't really dodge worth a damn, so be careful how you use them. Personally I'd like to try out the Lù Duan first; it's relatively cheap with no SWC cost and the Holoprojector should help keep it alive as it zooms towards the enemy. Once there the heavy flamethrower should make short work of most opponents. Might work well coupled with the Sù-Jiàn!

With the release of the new book drawing steadily closer we see more and more new unit types and the  ALEPH Ekdromoi is what we get this month. Very nice looking model armed with a combirifle, a close combat weapon and what looks like some kind of hi-tech jump pack. He's definitely part of the new Greece-themed sectorial as an ekdromoi was historically a light hoplite skirmisher who would exit the phalanx and fight on their own. This certainly sounds like what Airborne Deployment troops usually do in Infinity! To me he seems fairly heavily armoured but this might just be ALEPH overcompensating for something. The only AD troops available to ALEPH right now are the Garuda tactbots so I having access to one more (perhaps more flexible) will make the AI fans happy indeed. I really like Achilles and his merry band of murderers and if more releases like this turn up I might just have to start an ALEPH sectorial...

Normally there'd be one more release to talk about here, but not this month! No, instead we just get this cryptic teaser image (and video):

Obviously it's a teaser for the new book, but I'm curious about the symbol. Is it the new Greek sectorial badge? It doesn't look very ALEPH. But what else could it be? Anyway... the new book is coming very soon! Woooo!!

The best news this months is definitely that the new books i just around the corner! Models-wise I think I have to give it to the remotes... I'm biased though as the exploding collar the Crane agent put on me wouldn't allow me to say anything else. Glory to the StateEmpire!

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  1. Hey, these posts are more than "just" eye candy for me now! Looking cool, thanks for keeping us in the loop as usual.

  2. yup pretty damn excited, and i gotta agree with you 100% about the knight, the cloak doesnt feel quite right, and definetly reminded me of the aquilla cloak as well. What do you reckon on all the hype that the symbol may be the "0-12" symbol and be a whole new faction?

  3. @Mik - Hey! That's true, you've crossed over to the other side now. Infinity release days are always like Christmas for me and I hope my little writeups convey my giddyness to my readers. :)

    By the way, I'll send you an email tomorrow. Oh, and love the new (old) picture! Gurney looks awesome!

    @Noakesy - Very excited indeed! Glad I'm not alone in my thoughts about the knights; it's something about the upper corner that's... hmmm.

    The new symbol has certainly sparked a lot of speculation! O-12 or perhaps the Tohaa Trigon - a second alien race that has managed to resist the Evolved Intelligence. Very exciting and two weeks feels like two months! Haha!


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