Thursday, 14 June 2012

Guest Painting: Infinity Bagh-Mari!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Hello fellow Mayanauts! Last year me, my friend Anders and Martin3 bought an Infinity army deal each during Beasts of War's Infinity week. A little bit later another friend, Martin2 (aka Beast), got interested as well and bought two regular starters and a few extra minis for each. He bought Yu Jing, same as me, and the Acontecimento sectorial. The minis have been knocking about his drawers for all this time but now as he's home on parental leave he's finding the time to get some paint onto them. Thankfully he started with the PanO!

Beast (haha!) is an accomplished painter but doesn't have a blog of his own, so I thought it'd share his work with the rest of the world here on Fire Broadside! Here's the finished Bagh-Mari.

Now, this is a guy who's only experience of models outside of GW (as far as I know) is Flames of War and one ship each for Full Thrust and Firestorm: Armada. So assembling and painting an Infinity miniature was a novel experience. He had some trouble with the small antennas during assembly and thought it was a bit of a hassle to paint because of all the details on the figure. I don't think it discouraged him though, hopefully the other way around!

The first two finished Infinity figures. Congratulations and welcome to the party!

I remember having similar feelings when painting my first Yu Jing; I just kept running into small details I had missed and had to go back again and again. But it all fell into place by the time I had finished my second one. It's just a great experience taking your time with the miniatures and painting each individually (or in pairs sometimes). Certainly gives a greater feeling of personalization that I enjoy immensely. While I need to start tackle larger scale army painting for Dust Warfare it will not be anything like painting my Infinity minis.

Anyway, I think Beast has done a smashing job on this Bagh-Mari! I know he prefers more open areas as flat spaces is a strongpoint of his, but this looks great as well (WIP shot on the left). The green colour goes well with the brown fatigues creating a bit more earthy, naturalistic tone to the model compared to the studio paintjob. I like it as it does feel like something you'd find sneaking through the jungle!

Beast mentioned that he'd like to try out some OSL at a later point (good guide for it here) and I think it would help to bring more life out of the model. Next up we'll likely see an Acontecimento Regular possibly followed by a Knight of Montesa. I know he's been eyeing the new Mulebots as well, which would come in handy considering the upcoming scenario book.

I'll be sure to share more of his stuff as they turn up!

As for myself, I sat down and started re-basing some of my Yu Jing. I haven't done it with any of my painted models yet, only basecoated or metal ones so far. I think some good varnish is needed first so I don't damage the painted minis too much during the process.

I'm not quite sure what to paint next for Infinity. I'm leaning towards my doctors and engineer though. I started painting a total reaction remote so perhaps I should finisht that instead. Hmm...

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  1. Nice... and very timely. I played a game against Aconticemento yesterday evening. The army has some neat tools and some really cool models. The Guarda De Assaulto is a beast!

    My opponent had a linked team of Bag-Mari who unfortunately ran straight into my 2 Shaolin monks. The monk sold their lives for a couple chain rifle shots and Bag Mari unit was reduced to sticky paste. 10 points for about 86 - fair trade!

  2. They do have some neat tricks! I think he'll start out with vanilla PanO though, to get the hang of the game and be free to buy whatever models he likes.

    Haha! I love it when you get that much use out of monks or Kuang Shi! They work equally well as both suicide troops and hunting dogs, flushing out your opponent's troops. I'm still holding out for the rumoured/wished for Shaolin box...


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