Thursday, 3 May 2012

April Releases for Infinity!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

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After a week's delay we finally have the previews of the April releases for Infinity! Lets have a look shall we...

With an impressive title like Hospitaller Knight Father-Officer Gabriele De Fersen you'd expect an impressive miniature, and I think CB has done well. I'm not a great fan of the military orders of PanO but this is probably the knight model I like the best so far. It might be the missing helmet that appeals to me. Speaking of the head, just look at that beautiful paint job by Angel Giraldes! Amazing stuff! Someone likened De Fersen to Robocop with a toga and I kind of agree. Gaming wise he's a double threat as he's a heavy infantry hacker, a rarity in PanO. That he comes equipped with a spitfire as well is just a very tasty bonus!

The Yu-Jing Support Pack doesn't contain any new miniatures but is simply a repack of the engineer, doctor and Yáozăo blisters. It's a good concept I think, although I feel for the people out there who are missing just one of these three and are forced to buy the entire pack to get it. Although, the old blisters will likely still be available for a while, so for those in that position be sure to scoop up what you need before they dissappear! Not a very exciting release I suppose, would much rather have seen Neko Oyama or the missing remotes.

A Dasuy sniper for the Aleph to play around with. I really like the two earlier Dasuys, but this one looks off somehow. It seems to me like there should be something for him to lean on. The way his left palm is turned downwards and that only his toes are touching the mossy stone (helmet?) on the ground and the angle of his upper body all scream out for something to lean on. Sure, he's a robotic technology marvel, but still. Also we have the ubiquitous rock to stand on. Well, the design of the miniature is spot on, but the pose feels strange to me. In game the Dasyus are pretty nasty skirmish troops that come with Infiltration, TO: Camo and No Wound Incapacitation. For only 35 points!

An entire box of lovely Odalisques for Haqqislam! Gone is the boarding shotgun blister and instead we have this box of new sculpts. The spitfire Odalisque is still available separately, which follow the pattern CB has started. The sculpts are very nice I think, although I liked the older shotgun toting version better. The Haqqislam Contender is interesting and even more so, the submachine gun - a entirely new weapon that will apparently be introduced in the upcoming campaign/scenario book. Supposedly we'll see a small rules update soon.

Finally we have a new Hellcat for the Nomads, and what a beautiful Hellcat it is! While I quite like the old sculpts as well this new one is in an entirely different league when it comes to detail. There's just so much more going on with the armour, helmet and jetpack(?). At first I thought that she was running and felt that she'd look better if leaning more forward, but then I realised that she's just touched down, or at least that's what it looks like to me. Neat! I've always told my friend Anders to get a couple of Hellcats for his Nomads as they are cheapish but effective AD troops. While the boarding shotgun wouldn't be my first choice I think I might get this mini just for looks alone! This month's winner in my book. Hopefully it's a sign of the old Hellcat sculpts getting updated to this new standard.

April's releases were perhaps not quite as exciting as February or March's but neither was it a bad month. The Odalisque box especially stands out as it hints at changes to come for the game. I think I'm just personally a little dissapointed at the lacklustre (yet sensible) Yu-Jing release. De Fersen is a lovely model and I would definitely go for the Peter Weller look, but my pick of the month is definitely the Hellcat!

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  1. I love the new Hellcat sculpt, but I'm pretty sure that it's a male..

  2. That was weird. I posted as "Robin Hammond" for some reason.

  3. Ah, you're absolutely right! Those legs made me think "she" but that's certainly not the case. Thanks Troy! :)


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