Saturday, 12 November 2011

Jovian Diaspora: Gagarin-class Fleet Tender

Saturday, November 12, 2011

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T3, Gagarin-class Fleet Tender

The enormous Gagarin-class fleet tender is used as a mobile shipyard, making sure the ships of the Jovian fleet are always in top shape wherever they may be. The ship came about simply out of the necessity to be able to cover so much space. CEGA has it easy with their supply lines being relatively short. JAF is not so lucky and needed the supplies to actually follow their fleets and task forces around.

The Gagarin was the answer to this need and allows fleets to be a lot longer out on patrols or missions. It also serves another important function, namely as a flying classroom of sorts where cadets are trained and evaluated before assignement to other vessels.

While the Gagarin is equipped with a missile bay and point defence systems it is certainly not meant for combat duty.

V-shift 3, Beam 0, Torpedo 2, EW 0, Trade 5
Data OOO O
Heat OOO O

Slipdrive: Can traverse slipstreams.
Drydock: A docked ship can treat the Gagarin as a T3 space station for maintenance puroposes. (3bp)
Point Defence: Base defence 2 against torpedoes.

A home away from home
"We've got every spare part manufactured in the Confederation. And then some!"
Not for frontline duty
Flying classroom
Modular, easy to understand components

Image from Ships of the Fleet Volume 1: Jovian Confederation (click for a readable version)

Any other ideas for a big floating shipyard? Would you say 3bp is fair for the Drydock stunt?

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