Monday, 15 August 2011

Khurasan Lion Attack Transport 2.0

Monday, August 15, 2011

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"We break for no one!"

Hello everybody! I'm back from Belgium and as summer madness is starting to wind down things are slowly getting back to normal here, so from now on you should see an increase in activity here on Fire Broadside!

As I mentioned earlier Jon, of Khurasan fame, approached me about painting a few upcoming releases. It seemed like fun and you can never go wrong with helping smaller companies like this.

There were a few different things, but my favourite is the new remodeled Lion attack transport. It's the same model but it has been cleaned up quite a bit, meaning the print lines from the 3D printing process has all but disappeared. If you look closely you can still see them in some recessed parts of the model, but the areas that actually matter are as smooth as you could ever hope for. Also the wheels that used to be metal has been cast in resin this time around and use a clever way of attaching them to the main body that I really like. No fear of them breaking off on you.

The completely new bits are the turret and its two different gun configurations. You might remember the old model came with a slightly retro looking ray/plasmagun looking thing. It has been  replaced by a separate turret (that is fairly reminiscent of the turret of a certain famous movie APC) and comes with two gun barrels; one twin autocannon (seen at right) and one larger railgun. Naturally I put magnets in the different parts so I can switch the barrel depending on what role is needed on the battlefield. I prefer the stubby look of the autocannons, but then again, you can never go wrong with a railgun...

I like this kit very much. The design of the vehicle itself is brutish and uncompromising which I find appealing and its size adds to this look (it's about 10cm long!). This new version is also very smooth and neat requiring almost now cleanup. And of course, more choice in weaponry is never wrong. My plan is to use it for my growing "sinister corporation" forces that will consist of Khurasan's Control Battalion and their upcoming transport.

Keep an eye on the Khurasan website for the actual release of this model. As for the other stuff Jon sent me, look towards the (dropship) horizon...

9 kommentarer :

  1. It's a fantastic model and your painting brings it to life - they've found the right guy! I like the solid look too. It's a very ambiguous styling, retro and modern together, and that must have taken some doing; the designer's done a superb job.

  2. Holy cow what a paintjob, nicely done, kudos. This is a very cool model, bulky, beefy, and the Aliens turret takes the cake. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your paintjob will do those models justice, love your style!

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys! I think you're right in your comment about ambiguity Porky, but as you say the designer has managed to pull it off.

    Now I just need to paint some riflethings...

  5. I really like the metallic colours and finish you have there... What's your secret?

  6. Thanks Thomas!

    You mean the engine grill up top? It's really simple; brass -> gold -> silver edge highlights. The other metal parts are simply "dark silver" hightlighted with silver. I usually find that actually painting on metal colours rather than using drybrushing or similar. Gives it a harder look.

  7. Looks great! I'm glad Jon cleaned up the print before casting. I'm glad to see you guys like it. It was a fun vehicle to work on.

  8. Mark! Glad you made your way over here. I really like what you've done here, it just looks so intimidating! Good mix of tech and just a generally aggresive style. Yum!

    Looking forward to the Eisenkern!

  9. Cool! I like that this vehicle actually looks like it could be used off-world. It has the bulk needed for life-support systems, airlocks etc. for a squad. And the blocky esthetic is brutishly military, suitable to be fielded by evil overlords or heavy-handed federalist forces anywhere.


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