Friday, 27 May 2011

Shàng Jí Invincible!

Friday, May 27, 2011

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Once more, Yu Jing has revolutionized the concept of Heavy Infantry. The fourth generation of servo-powered combat armour implies a qualitative step up in mobility and in info-biotechnological protection. These unique new Shang Jí (“Superior”) armours are faster, lighter and definitively better. Only the best equipment for the bravest defenders of the People!

EDIT: Oops! Seems like Blogger burped back the post that dissapeared and this time with all the comments as well. Too bad it's not in the right place chronologically. Oh well...

I wanted to get some more heavy infantry in my Yu Jing force since that's what they're famous for, so I painted this Shang Ji Invincible tonight. I really should have been painting for the last LPL entry, but I simply can't quit these Infinity minis! I'm addicted!

Anyway, here he is:

Since he's basically just different shades of grey he looks a bit... "plain", but then again simple was what I was going for with my Yu Jing so I shouldn't complain. Hehe!

He's armed with a combi rifle and light flamethrower and wears powered armour, yet still retains a high movement speed. The complete package wouldn't you say? :)

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  1. Wow, he looks great, and such a cool model to boot.

  2. Thanks Mik!

    It is indeed a really great model. Definitely one of the reasons I decided to get Yu Jing. :)

  3. I saw this guy on the Infinity Forums and I really like what you've done with him. It inspired me to start mine. I went with the codex color but added my own twist to it. I actually normally field this guy with a spitfire,as I can't seem to get him to fully utilize the flamerthrower and combi-rifle.

  4. Great looking mini. I just stumbled onto your blog and everything is very well done!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments guys! I'm thinking I might go back to this guy in the future to add some other colours, but he looks good for now.

    @Shatter Hands Looking forward to seeing it! I really like how you've done your Zhanshi and I wonder if that colour scheme might work with Haqqislam. Not that I plan on byuing any... *cough*! Btw, how come you have the old Zhanshi sculpts?

    @Simon Welcome! Glad you stopped buy and that you like the blog. Feel free to poke around and let me know if there's anything you're curious about. :)

  6. Ok, so the post is back, but the comments are gone... :P

  7. Awesome. I think "plain" is good here - it's utilitarian and brings out the (amazing) details of the mini. He looks like a professional soldier.

    How do you resist the urge to do up the Yu Jing HE like Bubblegum Crisis hardsuits?? (or is that just me... ;p)

  8. Thanks Tom! I'm glad you think so as that is the kind of look I was trying to go for. Nothing fancy, just meaning business. :)

    As for the Bubbglegum Crisis theme... if I wasn't going for the above mentioned "realistic" feel I might very well have done it (this guy did!). Especially since the female heavy infantry have high heels...

  9. Weird, well my comment is gone. I really think your Yu Jing army is coming out great. I've gotten a good sized chunk of mine done, go have a look at Tau of War....which is slowly becoming an Infinity of War.

    the Dao Fei really is an awesome unit, especially when armed with a heavy machine gun. I've just ordered some haramakis...yep, i'm heading towards JSA. Love your bat reps too!

  10. Was just reading your latest post! Good timing. :)

    Glad you like them! I do think I might go back to the Shang Ji in the future to break up some of the grey. Maybe make the helmet and kneepads a different colour or something. We'll see.

    Yeah, just tried out the Dao Fei the other day. Definitely a nasty surprise for my opponent. Although my Kuang Shi did most of the dirty work (again) the Dao Fei did his fair share too.

    It seems like everybody who plays Yu Jing goes into JSA sooner or later. I'm sure I will as well. But more because I think I'll end up owning all the Yu Jing minis anyway. ;)

  11. Plain my arse, they're stunning, look like the guys from Resistance but better outfitted.

  12. @The Angry Lurker Hehe! Thanks Francis, that sounds good to me. :)

  13. They are cracking looking mini's. Corvus & Pig Iron Productions make some amazing looking 28mm miniatures and I'm trying to set up a 15mm force, and thanks to stunning mini's like this I keep changing my mind! 15 or 28!

  14. Hehe! It's tricky indeed. I'm planning to get some Pig Iron Ferals to use as Scavvies for Necromunda (using AE Bounty rules).

    I think it depends on the type of game you're getting into. For me skirmish games and 15mm are neither so labour intensive that they prohibit me from doing both. And variety is the spice of life after all. :)

    After having spent some time painting Infinity I'm now switching back to 15mm.


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