Sunday, 13 March 2011

LPL Sunday: Round 1 is go!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Share it Please

Late friday night I managed to finish my entry and submitted it so now I'm officially in the league. Fun! The voting is in full swing and there are a lot of great entries, so head on over to the site and make your voice heard.

I'll do follow up posts on my own entries and the entries I liked the best when each round ends, so expect LPL updates on Sundays over here.

4 kommentarer :

  1. And a tough LPL it will be! Some very skilled painters there. Loved your entry and I'm curious when you'll be entering some spaceships!

    I'm planning on two entries, one's already mailed in.

  2. Yeah, there's lots of good stuff. Tough but fun!

    I really want to get some more spaceships in there. I was hoping to make some civilian vessels, but since GZG has closed shop for a while I'm not sure if I'll be able to get them in time. I do have about half of my FSE fleet still unfishished though...

    One already mailed in? Good on you! I'm still scrambling to get round 2 ready. Hehe!

  3. That entry only took a little repainting of "battledamage". Same with round three which is also mailed!

    The new stuff is taking forever to finish ...

  4. Cool! I'm also planning to submit some older stuff to give me time to paint the new. :)


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