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The Kaulback Cluster

Monday, February 07, 2011

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Here's a short overview of the cluster we created during our first Diaspora session last weekend. This image was created with Max Lambertini's excellent little Warp2010 software. Check it out on his blog!

Aries used to be a sustainable world, but a rapidly growing population has taken its toll on the planet's resources. There's a commercial space boom happening as everyone tries to find more resources and living room. However as the Ariens expand outwards the fast industrialization has led to widespread pollution.

There are several factions on Aries who are working with the Frankian guerilla in the Gortrax II system in the hopes of being able to colonize some of the planets or moons there.

The cult of San-Magagh holds shipbuilding as something holy that allow man to ascend into the stars and become divine. The ships built at Deimos are practically handcrafted over several decades and are widely regardes as the best in the cluster. Owning one is a sure sign of wealth and power.

Sitting as they do between Aries and Gortrax II the Deimosians have adopted a neutral stance where they refuse to take sides in the cold war that is slowly starting to heat up. They're hoping to be left alone, but know that their ship building skills could be the thing that tip the scales.

Gortrax II
The Gortraxians, or just lizards as they're commonly known, invaded the system a generation ago after their own home system had been depleted of resources. When they arrived they converted their generation arc ships into colonies and much of their old technology has been lost. 

Currently they're holding all of the planets except for the garden world of Frankia where a brushfire war is being conducted. The Frankian guerilla are getting assistance mainly from the Aries system.

Phobos is a very low-tech system lacking even basic space faring capabilities. However, it's rich in resources and has become the defacto trading hub of the entire Kaulback cluster. Even though a lot of these transaction take place on space stations the Phobians have constructed several space ports where one can relax and enjoy the rustic environment. 

The huge asteroid belt is believed to be the remnants of a massive planet that somehow was destroyed millenia ago. No one really knows how this happened but there are crackpot theories out there that it had something to do with the ancient ruins dotting the main planet of Iocus...

Troy has been blessed and is a technology and resource juggernaught. Most of the resource hungry systems of the cluster import goods from Troy by way of the Phobos trading ports. In contrast to Deimos the Troyan technology is more in the vein of an assembly line, and most of the slip capable ships in the cluster are of Troyan design.

The living standard is very high and the entire system has adopted a "we're better than you" attitude towards the rest of the cluster. Use of indentured workers are not uncommon and you rarely see the Troyans themselves as they prefer to trade through middlemen.

ZX-532 (aka Zoltan)
A filthy rich upper class holds 90% of the planets meager assets while the rest are indentured workers.
Since people are Zoltan's only real resource the rich have created breeding programs to be able to export (slave) labour to other systems in the cluster. Buyers are mostly, but not exclusively, Troyans and Gortraxians.

There are rumours of hidden riches in the great desert that formed after an asteroid impact centuries ago. This has created a bit of a gold rush, but so far the findings are meager.

Overall a pretty interesting place with lots of opportunities for profit and adventure. I'll type out something similar for the characters, I just need to get their backstories straight.

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  1. A pleasure to read and peer at! Looks like there'll be no shortage of adventure, or loose ends to weave into stories. The notes made me smile, and the fuller descriptions fill in the blanks well. The pics are as good as ever here and bring it all to life. The post only makes the game look more attractive, if all of that came out of one session. I'll bet everyone's fired up to get started!

  2. Always a pleasure to have you visist Porky!

    The notes, as you call them, are actually the system's 'Aspects' that are a key concept in FATE. Mechanically you can 'tag' an aspect to get a bonus to your roll.

    So if you're in Phobos looking for that one particular engine part you could tag the Aspect "We got what you need!" for a +2. Or if you're trying to persuade the trader captain you're flying with to avoid Gortraxian space you could tag "Lizard raiding parties" for a bonus to your argument.

    It's a really cool system that allows you to do practically anything at the same time as it provides a lot of colour to characters, objects and environments!

    I think all of us are stoked to play, but then again Diaspora is more of a backup for when we can't get enough people together for WFRP3.

  3. Always - always - a pleasure to visit! That's far more interesting a system even than I imagined.

    Have you been here?

    Some good insights into Diaspora, and bags of inspiration if you have a game or two in you.

  4. @ Porky Oh yes, I've been a follower of Blue Collar Space since I bought Diaspora. Always an interesting read.

    I haven't been to Kaulback yet, but I fancy going there in the near future. Hehe!

  5. Guys, even if I stopped active development of Warp 2010 seeing this cluster made me happy.

    Max Lambertini, Warp2010 creator.

  6. @Max - First off, many thanks for developing in the first place! I have still only just started playing around with it but has found it immensely helpful already.

    I'm glad you like our little cluster! We still haven't returned to it and the way it looks right now we're creating a new one with a different group.

    Hmm... and I just realised that I haven't mentioned your software in the article. This shall be corrected!!


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