Friday, 12 November 2010

Beasts at the gate!

Friday, November 12, 2010

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Art by Piotr Chrzanowski. Check out his amazing Warhammer stuff over at Deviant Art!

Recently the members of our little gaming group have been really busy and there hasn't been all that much gaming going on. However, last Monday the adventures of the troublesome trio (quintet) continued! Actually we did manage two shorter sessions last month, but they weren't all that eventful so I thought I'd wait to write about them until I had some more material to work with.


So, when we left our heroes they had just managed to thwart an attempt to summon a minor daemon by a Chaos cult. However, Dieter the ratcatcher was left alone to try and defend against a beastman assault!

Dieter, with Rex the dog at his side, tried to wake as many of the slumbering guards as possible and readied his sling. When Anders Blucher, captain of the guards, drew his greatsword, stumbled outside and started barking orders the other guards seemed to realize the dire situation they were in. But even so most of them had been poisoned during the dinner and were far from fighting fit. Soon beastmen scaled the walls and the battle started in earnest.

Olver the kennel master and his mastiffs fought bravely and together with Dieter and captain Blucher he formed the core of the defence. However it was not long until the lodge stood ablaze as more and more beastmen entered the grounds. A great wargor that was obviously the leader of the tribe bellowed his triumph as he clove yet another skull. Dieter had almost run out of rocks for his sling and had still not heard anything from Heinrich or Manfred . Things were looking grim indeed...

Suddenly a mighty voice rang out; "In the name of Sigmar! Back! Back into the pits that spawned you!". A warrior priest of Sigmar had entered through the broken gate, accompanied by what could only be one of the infamous Dwarf troll slayers! They launched themselves into the fray and the ferocious attacks of the slayer and the glowing hammer of the warrior priest rallied the remaining defenders, suddenly turning the battle in their favour. Captain Blucher fell and several in the party received grievous wounds but before the night was over the wargor lay dead and the rest of the beastmen were routed.

As the fires were put out Dieter met up with Heinrich and the badly wounded Manfred and they had a chance to thank their saviours. The dwarf was a cousin to Kordan Kurgansson, the dwarf blacksmith at the Grünewald lodge, and had came to visit him during his quest for an honourable death. The priest had come upon the slayer as he defeated a band of goblins and considered it a sign from Sigmar to accompany and aid him in his journeys. (of course, these were the characters of Nicke and Gille who were introduced into the campaign a little late)

As the party together with lord Aschaffenberg took stock of the situation they discovered that there were a few people missing; Otto the librarian, Albrecht the coachman and Pieter the guard. As it turned out a servant had seen the trio actually climb the wall and flee during the battle. At this point the party knew that Otto was a cultist and infered that the other two were as well and that they had decided to flee when their ritual failed. Lord Aschaffenberg was horrified that an actual Chaos cult had existed beneath his very nose, but also happy that it had been exposed and defeated. However, he certainly didn't want to leave any loose ends and asked our heroes if they could track down and bring the last three cultists back to justice. For a generous fee of course...

You can read the next part of the adventure here.

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  1. Hehe! Good, good.

    I was going to write about the Stromdorf stuff as well, but got tired so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.


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