Monday, 20 September 2010

Carrier WIP

Monday, September 20, 2010

Share it Please
Today it was election day in Sweden and while watching the vote tally I decided to start working on my Hive class carrier. It comes in three pieces; the large main hull and two side pieces covering the 12 hangar doors. Since I wanted some detail on the doors I chose to paint these separetaly so currently it looks like this:

Of course, it will look like this:

My original idea was to paint the open hangar doors in a yellow colour and use it to highlight nearby areas, but after some experimenting with it I couldn't get it to look good. I'm not very experienced with painting reflected lights, so I think I'll save it for another time. Hehe!

So, that's the grey areas more or less done, next up: brown.

2 kommentarer :

  1. I like what you're doing. For a great example of someone who paints reflected lights using an airbrush, check out this thread over on the message boards at Starship Combat News:

  2. Yeah, those ships are amazing. I thought they'd been photoshopped somehow when I first saw them. Incredible skill!

    Unfortunately I don't have an airbrush so will have to make do with my brushes. Hehe!
    I'll give it another go I think though. It just looks kind of boring when the doors are just black holes.


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