Saturday, 15 May 2010

Quick Yamato update

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Share it Please
It's been pretty slow on the Yamato/Starblazers front. I've been trying to find a grey primer spray but have been out of luck or found ones that are a way to expensive. In the end I went with an acrylic spray from the DIY store, and it's actually pretty ok. Not perfect, but good enough for the job.

So I've primed the Andromeda and three cruisers. Never mind the yellowish colour, it's because of the lighting and my camera.


It's not all that exciting. I mean... they're just grey. But it's progress and I hope I'll be able to start painting these when I get my vallejo paints next week. Weee!

The other battleship, the frigates and of course Yamato herself is coming as well. I just need to finish up the magnetizing process on them. Oh and the carrier of course, but it needs some modifications.

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