Friday, 25 December 2009

Jaguar done! Well... except the base...

Friday, December 25, 2009

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So after some diligent cleaning and vacuuming I decided to get some painting done before I have to go grocery shopping. So here's the finished Jaguar:

Although I was aspiring to only use the large brush I probably should have used a slightly smaller one for the hazard stripes. They look a bit wobbly. Oh well, next time eh?

And of course, red missiles. If there are two staples of Heavy Gear painting it's the hazard stripes and the red missiles. Hehe!

I decided to go for a black look for the rifles but I think it'd probably look better with some added details and maybe a gloss finish.

The V-engine I painted very simply gun-metal. The whole idea behind this figure (and the rest of my HG-stuff) is to paint it quickly and kind of gritty while still keeping a decent standard. Hazard stripes is about as flashy as they'll get!


Of course, the base isn't finished. I didn't have time for that today and I'm thinking about doing all the bases in on go when I'm finished with the rest of the Recon Squad anyway.

That's all for today. I'll probably post a magnetizing tutorial tomorrow though. God fortättning!

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    1. Thanks, Brandon! It's been a while since I did these, but with the new edition I would really like to get the final two (and infantry) painted and then perhaps get a second force so I could actually get some games in. :)


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