Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Here be Ferrets!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Share it Please
When I first saw a Ferret I didn't really know what to think (buttwheel doesn't really spell sexy), but they've grown on me a lot and now I just want more of the little buggers! I can definitely see why they hold a special place in the DP9 community. Hehe!

Again, the way I decided to paint these makes the process relatively quick and I managed to paint these two in about three hours. Again, I haven't done the bases yet. Still thinking about what I want them to look like. Deserty, yes, but I want some more details than that. Normally I use static grass that I paint but since this is 1/144 scale it would be way too tall.

Anyway, pictures:

First off the Ferret Mk II with a medium rifle that's WAY to big for him. Of course, thanks to the magnets, he can quicky be made into a standard or Wild Ferret.

Aaaand the buttwheel! A motorcycle with arms indeed... :)

The Wild Ferret with is a Ferret variant with expanded electronic warfare abilities and a satelite uplink. Here with a Light Rifle instead of the standard Deployable Pack Gun.

I do think that this Ferret model is a bit stiff. It's cool to have gears using their alternative movement modes (like this one!) but I think I'll convert the next one to try and make it a bit more lively.

Ah, the two rapscallions heading out to make trouble!

And the whole budding family. I guess they're looking for their two Cheetah cousins...

That's all for today. Two Cheetahs and some basing coming up!

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