Tuesday, 21 April 2009

UNSC cruisers

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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It's been kind of quiet here recently. I got distracted playing Resident Evil 5 with a friend. Great fun!

Anyway, here are some snaps of the UNSC Mountain class light cruisers and the River class heavy cruiser that I finished yesterday.

I'm getting more comfortable with the brass engines and now I quite like them. I guess you just need to get used to them. Hehe! Later on I'm planning to add som red details to the different white weapon systems (the spinal graser on the River and the missile tube things on the Mountains)... I just need to get some red paint first.

Mountain class light crusiers:

The River class heavy cruiser:

And the fleet so far... it's just missing a battlecruiser!

My friend Anders suggested that it might be fun with some work in progress shots so I'll take a few of those later on.

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